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So, you have made the choice, you

want to live in


Before you pick up and move everything to Bell’ Italia, there are some things you should know.

Even if you’re planning a short stay, there are several things you should know!

Did you also know that in many hotels and restaurants you will NOT get reimbursed if you do not like the service! It will help immensely to look for a quality tour company for short stays or be able to understand the policy for renting rooms, hotels or dining out.




The language

Ma parli bene l’italiano?? Italians are not so adept in foreign languages. You will probably learn Italian quicker than they will learn your language, plus Italian is the national language. It is best to prepare yourself with a few starter phrases, at least to know what is going on and make your life a bit easier. In some of the tourist towns or bigger cities such as Florence, Rome, Venice or Milan it will be easier finding people in restaurants, hotels, internet cafes or apartment rental/job offices that speak English. However, if going into uncharted areas, you should at least have a basic grasp of Italian. Also, the further south you go, the harder it is. More dialects are spoken so even standard Italian is difficult for many natives to understand!




affittasi2 Looking for apartments can be sometimes a challenge.  There are different ways you can go about this. You can rent a tourist apartment for a few days, weeks or months, but the prices are going to be very high. You can get a local newspaper and search for rooms for rent. Look under affitasi or appartamenti in affito. There will be rooms (camere), single room (monolocale) or double room (bilocale). Most agencies will require a 3 month rent payment PLUS deposit. They will also want documents and make sure that you have a job.


Job hunting

If you are relocating, you may need work, unless you are wealthy or are being transferred by a company in your home country. However, if the latter two are not the choice, you will need to do a job search. Documents will be your biggest concern. If you are a citizen of the EU, you can legally work in Italy and stay as long as you like. If you are a non-citizen of the EU, you will need to furnish correct documents that allow you to work specifically in Italy. This would include a permit to stay permesso di soggiorno You may need to have a request from an Italian company to sponsor you or may need to talk first to your Embassy to see what options you have. Getting the documents can be time consuming and there is a lot of bureaucratic red tape to cross.



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Getting there and visas

passaportoThe first step even before getting there is making sure you have the right paperwork!! If you are working, studying, taking vacation or buying a second home, you have to make sure what documents you need BEFORE realizing you can only stay 90 days!! Tourist visas are 90 days and they DO NOT allow you to study or work! Are you staying permanently? Getting married?? Job transfer?? You need to know!




Travel in Italy

Getting around Italy is sometimes challenging. Do you really want to buy a car or rent a car? How much does it cost? What kind of insurance and documents do you need? What about parking? It will be difficult to find parking and if you do find parking, expect to pay a parking meter. Not all places are parking friendly! Do you know what the disc orarario is?? The trains are the best choice, as is a bike or footing it, if you live in the city and not going to far.




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Be STRESS-FREE upon your arrival in Italy by already HAVING THE KNOWLEDGE to navigate EASILY all throughout Italy!! This guide will show YOU how!




This guide covers everything you need to know about living in Italy and how to fit in! YOU will learn everything about:


  • Documents

  • Arrival in Italy

  • Working in Italy

  • Finding an apartment

  • Neighborhoods

  • Italian food

  • Calling home

  • Italian culture

  • Banking

  • Credit and Debit cards

  • Government offices

  • Speaking the language

  • Driving

  • Traveling

  • Holidays and vacations

  • Places to see

  • Places to avoid

  • Mannerisms

  • Differences North vs. South

  • Supermarkets

  • Marriage

  • Italian families

  • Religion

  • Italian sports

  • Tourist traps

  • Bureaucracy

  • Low cost airfares

  • Other parts of Europe


and adjusting to all the little differences that you would never stop to think about until you are already there, plus much more! By having the INSIDER TIPS, you WILL learn how to get around like a NATIVE!! Delivered right to your inbox!!








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I can’t give you all these without knowing how to speak to the locals! That’s why I also want to add for FREE “ITALIAN SURVIVAL PHRASES”! This is the BARE MINIMUM that you should have to get around in Italy. There are no verb forms to learn, no long sentences or phrases, no articles and not even any grammar rules!


This is a straight cut to the chase “Get me around Italy NOW” phrase book. I am not even going to bore you with old school phrases that you will probably never need, like…

Help! My cat climbed up the tree with my drivers license! Or My name is Bob Jones and I am an architect for a multi-million dollar company. NO!

I want to prepare you with “baby” phrases that require no lengthy conversations, in fact most of them do not require conversation at all! A simple yes or no response to avoid having you try to understand an hour of Italian.


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